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What’s new in angular 8?

we are talking about the new Angular 8.0, which is finally here and how!

Here are the Highlights of Angular 8

Differential Loading by Default

From now on, Angular will serve different browsers with different bundles by default. The CLI extension will generate distinct bundles for old legacy (ES5) browsers and modern JavaScript browsers.

Lazy Loading with Dynamic Imports

Lazy loading has been custom to the router and was built into the toolchain since the very birth of Angular. The loadChildren key in the route configuration is used to accomplish the same.

Improved Support for Web Worker Bundling

When you are into CPU-intensive tasks, web workers are the best way to speed up application and improve their parallelizability. They write code off the main thread and offload tasks to a separate background thread.

Opt-In Usage Sharing

This is yet another interesting addition to the Angular CLI which seems like an effort to align Angular 8 with the community needs. With this, the open-source web application framework will collect anonymous data only when allowed to.

Support for TypeScript 3.4

Angular 8.0 has not only welcomed TypeScript 3.4, but also mandated it. In other words, you will now have to update your TypeScript version without failing.

Dart-sass for Sass Files

Angular CLI has ditched node-sass for dart-sass to create your Sass files. This would now be the reference implementation replacing Ruby – the legend. Dart is believed to be super fast almost to the point of notoriety.

Builder APIs and Workspace APIs in the CLI

Changes in ViewChild and ContentChild

Earlier, ViewChild and ContentChild were two nasty, inconsistent things. They were implemented so components could request elements that were not in a structural directive,

Improvements in AngularJS Migration

The latter smoothly shifts its responsibilities from AngularJS $location to Angular Location, thus easing it for applications with hybrid operations that depend on ngUpgrade and route in AngularJS as well as Angular part.

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