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What is the difference between Angular and AngularJS?

AngularJS is an open-source framework for front-end web development. Originally, the rewrite of AngularJS was called “Angular 2”, but this led to confusion among developers. To avoid confusion among developers Angular without the “JS” is commonly referring to Angular 2 version and above. Both frameworks are based on Typescript, a superset of JavaScript.

In my opinion, critical differences lie in the development process. Let’s check the main differences between Angular and AngularJS.

1. Language

Both frameworks use JavaScript, but Angular 2 also uses Typescript on top.

AngularJS uses JavaScript; it is dynamically typed and rendered in the browser.


2. Code generator

To start working with Angular, you need to create a file structure, set up templates, deploy and test processes, and make other customizations.

Angular.js was quite an opinionated framework. The project codebase must conform to predefined modules.


3. Components vs. Controllers

AngularJS has controller components that contain the business logic of an element. Developers can use them to determine the state of a feature and customize an interactive response.

Angular 2 doesn’t have controllers.


4. Two-way binding

AngularJS has been loved by many teams for its two-way binding capability because the codebase is updated in two ways. Angular 2 has changed the binding logic.


5. Form validation

Although Angular usually uses Typescript, the validation form doesn’t differ from AngularJS.


6. Speed

AngularJS and Angular are pretty fast. The AngularJS codebase is smaller because it lacks additional subsets and documentation, which, in a sense, contributes to faster performance.

If you want to know more about the differences between the frameworks presented, I recommend the article: Comparison of Angular vs. AngularJS.


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